Friday, January 20, 2012

Suprises under the stove

So a project that was waiting till later became a top priority. Not for any special reason but I started to put a couple of plasic grocery bags in the cabinet under the stove and there was absolutely no room.  It was a billowing cloud of plastic bags.I would try to shove one in and 10 floated out. I intended to take them to Walmart to recyle, but I just never thought of it at the right time. So I grabbed a paper grocery sack and started filling it. Then I took out another paper bag, then another and then a shopping bag from Macy's, plus 5 empty paper towel tubes stuffed full of plastic bags.  I think we could have crocheted a giant rug from all of them. Thankfully I have NO emotional attachment to these bags and out they went. The childproof locks are also gone. Now there is lots of lovely space the cookie sheets and pizza pans and a very few plastic bags with a very strick limit on the number. It makes me want to make pizza from scratch. Yummy. So far my New Years resolutions are going pretty well. I told Memphis to go look under the stove that there was a surprise. He ran over opened the cabinet without hinderence and his remark was, "I thought there would be donuts under here!"

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