Monday, April 14, 2014

Trashion Refashion Show April 27th

It's that time again for the Trashion Refashion Show. Locals come up with amazing works of refashioned clothing and a quirky use for trash. It is a fun time for all and inspiring to others. "Why didn't I think of that?" is a common comment! Here is a slight hint.

 Memphis had Fairy Tale book report day. Memphis did Rumplestiltzskin.
What a ham.
Spring also means hunting mushrooms, planting gardens, cleaning up yards and new calves in the field. Discing and planting, fertilizing and pruning is a common activity in town and country. Just as we get the windows open and the heat turned off, we have a prediction of snow showers. I love the spring, as it is never boring. I am planting red raspberries this year and pruning the blueberries. Hopefully, I do it correctly.
The birds always eat all of them. We are going to cover them with netting but they are too tall right now.