Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sweetest Gift-Countdown to 60

The day after Christmas my nephew Rocky and his Colleen gave me the sweetest gift. They handed me a small tissue wrapped package that I assumed was maybe some music or pictures of there home in California. But it when I opened it the title was Rick's Speeches.
They had an old cassette of high school speeches that my brother Rick had recorded in his high school English class. I hadn't heard the tape for over 30 years. Tears sprang to my eyes (you know I had that resolution of having my face on everyday), and I new immediately what they had done. There wasn't any need for explanation. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. It took a couple of hours after they left before I could actually listen to it. But how sweet to hear his voice again and cry and laugh at the "Fried Chicken" speech and demonstration. You could hear him cutting up the chicken and telling what to do with the scraps and how the Crisco would melt. He had a great sense of humor. The funniest and but poorest quality to hear was the third speech "Turkeys" and how they were plotting to take over the world. His conclusion was "eat more turkey!". I have a terrific nephew and his wife is a sweetie too. They are the best.
I don't know how much Rocky remembers his dad, but when I see him, I see Rick's quirky smile, his hands, his laugh. I can't imagine not having a chance to see Rick again. Or anyone else in my family that has died. Died is a harsh word. I understand why people use the term passed on, sent up to Jesus, gone to be with the Lord. It is hopeful and comforting. Without that hope life would be such a dismal existance.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Count down to 60?

After talking with a friend, I thought I should have changed the title to Countdown to 60. He thought I was going to tell the story of my life and give great insights to future genterations. The idea is to chronicle the days to my next birthday. But I might impart some wisdom along the way. Why are 00's 05's landmark days. Why isn't 57 a landmark birthday? Will my ears turn green at 60? Last night I dreamed I was in an improv group and boy could I sing. We won a contest and the hottest guy asked me out.  Oh yes, even at my age we think of ***. Not that my daughter would believe it.
That puts me in a notion of thinking of how long I have been single. I really don't mind being single.  But it's not how I expected to be living my life.  I envisioned a big farm, a nice husband, and huge bathtub! So my vision is going to have to change. Guys my age are mostly scary looking. (Sorry guys). Now I think I'll have an Art Farm, Heirloom animals, and a Curiosity Shop. Oh and that bathtub.  Maybe that should be first. Of couse I will have to retire to take care of the animals, and have backup person so I can go traveling and dig up stuff. (That is my other vision).
The last time I tried to take care of poor little chickens while working in Bloomington, the chicken hawk kept picking off a few everyday while I was gone. I had to give away that last few. And of course HoneyBunny will have to learn that she is NOT a chicken hawk. I need the dog whisperer to come to my house.
Last night I put away a pair of summer sandals. How long they were sitting on my stairs is not the point.  The point is I did put them in the closet so I can find them next spring.
We had a pitch-in breakfast at work today because there are so few of us. It was so nice and relaxing. And I have discovered pancake and sausage on a stick!  So yummy! Memphis will love these. We really should have had some knitting or quilting to do.
Now for anyone who watches the stars the Quadrantid meteors shower will peak on Jan 4 and is the first meteor shower of 2012.  The problem with Indiana is though you never know if it will be cloudy or clear.
Big news in politics, within the last week Gingrich is down and Ron Paul is up. (All of them are scary). In the book I am reading:Founding Brothers it is funny to learn there was a lot of debating and fighting and backstabing and just plain dumb luck that got us to where we are today. So there really is "nothing new under the sun."

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

View from a Cowpath: My journey to 60

View from a Cowpath: My journey to 60: 12/28/2011 This would have been better if I had acutually started this on my birth day which was December 22. But I didn't think of it righ...

My journey to 60

This would have been better if I had acutually started this on my birth day which was December 22. But I didn't think of it right away. Then I wanted to buy a cool journal to write my musing in.  But while viewing a few blogs today, I thought this might be the way to do it.  So I'll give it a try.
I don't feel 59. Don't people always say things like that? But I really don't. I have felt about the same for many years.  Although I don't look the same as I once did. There is much too much of me to love and graying hair. Things are moving south in a hurry. Living alone as I do, it seems pointless to get dolled up for no one. But for Christmas I did do some make-up and decided I should do this more often. Mother is always fixed up everyday and I can surely do as much.  It did a make me feel better to be ready for anything. Now comes the harder part. Getting ready for anything at home.
Have you ever watched hoarders?  Oh my goodness. It made nervous to see how they were living because I think I could be one of them if I am not careful.
Since Annie has moved out and in and out and in again, I can't seem to get a handle on all of our stuff. Plus we need a room for Memphis to call his own.
My plan of action is to put away at least 1 thing every night, no matter how tired I am and to make room for Annie and Memphis every weekend. There are so many things to do it is hard for me to stay on task. I get distracted with pretty shiny things or fabric or antiques or letters or pretty pictures on the front of magizines or NO NO NO NO DAMEON, THAT IS NOT YOUR LITTER BOX!!!!!
It $250 for the vet to test him for an infection and needed amoxicillin.  Really?
See how easy it is?