Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sweetest Gift-Countdown to 60

The day after Christmas my nephew Rocky and his Colleen gave me the sweetest gift. They handed me a small tissue wrapped package that I assumed was maybe some music or pictures of there home in California. But it when I opened it the title was Rick's Speeches.
They had an old cassette of high school speeches that my brother Rick had recorded in his high school English class. I hadn't heard the tape for over 30 years. Tears sprang to my eyes (you know I had that resolution of having my face on everyday), and I new immediately what they had done. There wasn't any need for explanation. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. It took a couple of hours after they left before I could actually listen to it. But how sweet to hear his voice again and cry and laugh at the "Fried Chicken" speech and demonstration. You could hear him cutting up the chicken and telling what to do with the scraps and how the Crisco would melt. He had a great sense of humor. The funniest and but poorest quality to hear was the third speech "Turkeys" and how they were plotting to take over the world. His conclusion was "eat more turkey!". I have a terrific nephew and his wife is a sweetie too. They are the best.
I don't know how much Rocky remembers his dad, but when I see him, I see Rick's quirky smile, his hands, his laugh. I can't imagine not having a chance to see Rick again. Or anyone else in my family that has died. Died is a harsh word. I understand why people use the term passed on, sent up to Jesus, gone to be with the Lord. It is hopeful and comforting. Without that hope life would be such a dismal existance.

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  1. I'm glad to know how much it meant to you. I thought you guys would all enjoy it. I'm sorry the audio wasn't better. I love you.