Thursday, November 1, 2012

Well the countdown is getting closer and closer. I sort of stopped counting during the hot weather and some of my friends thought I would be making great philosphical insights.

We are the home for wayward women, yet again. I don't understand some people. How can they be so mean? We now have another Mommy, son and kitty.  Our home is almost full. But wait....Memphis has a puppy now.  Annie found a box of puppies outside the Dollar store. Luckily, she did not bring home all of them, just 1. I gave lots of ultimatums and she insisted she could handle it. I didn't want Memphis to see it unless she was sure she could take care of it. He already lost a puppy because no one would take care of it at his dad's house and I thought that was just MEAN.

One of my co-workers retired and we were all so jealous. I has been a crazy year at admissions. New technology that doesn't work and deadlines with new rules. And is just me or are the students .....well I guess I better not say that. My student went to a really tough school and it is harder that any other school. Blah, blah, blah.

I missed the Bull sale in Missouri because we had to work overtime. I was really unhappy about that. I WAS able to watch the sale online, and they announced it and said SOLD to EVERETT and JUNE PATRICK of BEDFORD, IN. That was really fun. His name is big Bubba...and boy is he ever big.  So handsome, strutting around the front pasture with his girlfriends.