Monday, July 7, 2014

Newest Project
Slow quilting. I prefer doing my stitching sitting comfortably with my feet. Can't do that with a machine.
This was pieced by hand, freehand embroidery and then I will hand quilt the project. This is easy and fun. I used a mini charm pack and bought 2 fat quarters for binding and backing.
It is the perfect size for the center of the table or basket topper for picnic.
Who else loves slow quilting?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Trashion Refashion Show April 27th

It's that time again for the Trashion Refashion Show. Locals come up with amazing works of refashioned clothing and a quirky use for trash. It is a fun time for all and inspiring to others. "Why didn't I think of that?" is a common comment! Here is a slight hint.

 Memphis had Fairy Tale book report day. Memphis did Rumplestiltzskin.
What a ham.
Spring also means hunting mushrooms, planting gardens, cleaning up yards and new calves in the field. Discing and planting, fertilizing and pruning is a common activity in town and country. Just as we get the windows open and the heat turned off, we have a prediction of snow showers. I love the spring, as it is never boring. I am planting red raspberries this year and pruning the blueberries. Hopefully, I do it correctly.
The birds always eat all of them. We are going to cover them with netting but they are too tall right now.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Refashion Show

I am busy finishing a refashion outfit for the Show in April, shipping a crazy quilt block to the Bloomington Quilt Show in March,

 and photographing the Bogarts and Fairies to find a show for them.

This is the nuts and bolts things that I get stuck on. I love creating and making but I expect customers to find me!
I will post more info as it becomes available!
Oh and here are some new Foot Fancies for spring. I am counting the days. $15 per pair and $25 for 2 pair.