Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodbye January...hello.....

This month has flown by, but I acutally got my application in for the Quilt show in Bloomington in March. (More details to come). Annie and I have been knitting and painting and sewing and just making a total mess but it is so rewarding. She has an Art show in April as well.
Memphis and I were able to play in the snow and dig a tunnel though a big pile of it. That kid has tons of energy. The other night his Mother and I were saying we were too tired to do the dishes, and he said, "I'll do them, all by myself!"  What a guy, do you think he will still offer to do this when he is 16?
He such a good help in the kitchen!

Mother and Daddy are so cute! I took this picture of them with my new camera.
Santa was good to us all.

And we are having a great time with our new "stuff".