Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a week. Crazy temps, drought, visitors from New Mexico, and still pumping iron. But I works. I was able to pick up the 50lb. bag of chicken feed and put it in the shed. We had a good visit with the cousins. I took them around IU and the "old home places" in the hills.
We now have even more roosters. Ruby became Rubin and very proud of himself I might add. He has been put in timeout by himself since he decided my leg was a snack. The other boys seem to be getting along okay. But our egg sources keep getting smaller. No one has layed an egg yet but they are doing a lot of crowing!

I finally got my grandson Memphis bedroom fixed. It is really cute. He calls it his office. I used my mother and dad's dresser and chest from their 1st bedroom suit, and painted it blue and red. I added decoupaged tractors to the top of the dresser.