Thursday, December 29, 2011

Count down to 60?

After talking with a friend, I thought I should have changed the title to Countdown to 60. He thought I was going to tell the story of my life and give great insights to future genterations. The idea is to chronicle the days to my next birthday. But I might impart some wisdom along the way. Why are 00's 05's landmark days. Why isn't 57 a landmark birthday? Will my ears turn green at 60? Last night I dreamed I was in an improv group and boy could I sing. We won a contest and the hottest guy asked me out.  Oh yes, even at my age we think of ***. Not that my daughter would believe it.
That puts me in a notion of thinking of how long I have been single. I really don't mind being single.  But it's not how I expected to be living my life.  I envisioned a big farm, a nice husband, and huge bathtub! So my vision is going to have to change. Guys my age are mostly scary looking. (Sorry guys). Now I think I'll have an Art Farm, Heirloom animals, and a Curiosity Shop. Oh and that bathtub.  Maybe that should be first. Of couse I will have to retire to take care of the animals, and have backup person so I can go traveling and dig up stuff. (That is my other vision).
The last time I tried to take care of poor little chickens while working in Bloomington, the chicken hawk kept picking off a few everyday while I was gone. I had to give away that last few. And of course HoneyBunny will have to learn that she is NOT a chicken hawk. I need the dog whisperer to come to my house.
Last night I put away a pair of summer sandals. How long they were sitting on my stairs is not the point.  The point is I did put them in the closet so I can find them next spring.
We had a pitch-in breakfast at work today because there are so few of us. It was so nice and relaxing. And I have discovered pancake and sausage on a stick!  So yummy! Memphis will love these. We really should have had some knitting or quilting to do.
Now for anyone who watches the stars the Quadrantid meteors shower will peak on Jan 4 and is the first meteor shower of 2012.  The problem with Indiana is though you never know if it will be cloudy or clear.
Big news in politics, within the last week Gingrich is down and Ron Paul is up. (All of them are scary). In the book I am reading:Founding Brothers it is funny to learn there was a lot of debating and fighting and backstabing and just plain dumb luck that got us to where we are today. So there really is "nothing new under the sun."

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