Monday, January 9, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

I was rockin' to the oldies on the way to work today. Good beat, great to sing a long with.....Burn Baby Burn....Saturday Night Fever, dancing the night away. And I won a dinner at Mr Hibatchi!. Did you know men are having their ears done?  And I didn't use Google. Plastic surgery on the ears for men. Who would have thought. Although I do  judge men by the amount of ear hair that is visiable.  Sorry guys. I know I shouldn't judge,  women get that random weird goat hair on the chin or lip. Sunlight in the rearview mirror is the best place to see them and get rid of them.
I never thought I would get old enough to complain about modern music but come on, I want to sing along. Even Jennifer Lopez went over to the dark side. I remember that my parents always played the radio while milking the cows. It helped keep them calm and not get startled by random noises. We know all the words to Beatles songs but I don't know what the cows would think of Everybody on the floor!

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