Saturday, January 7, 2012

Deathtrap stairs part 2

This morning Memphis came up stairs to wake me up.  He said he had been waiting a long time for me to come down stairs and play with the barn animals in the pit.  I started down the stairs and Dameon decides to throw himself across the very step that I am about to step on. Squished cat or Amy at the bottom of the stairs.  REALLY? The stairs really look rather strange with nothing on them but a few hair balls.
Memphis says when he is sad, he is mean and that does NOT mean he needs a nap. He put all of his stuffed toys in his bed, covered the top with a quilt and tried to get the cat to stay with him.  I think it was  too hot because he wouldn't stay. If only a snuggley cat could solve all problems. Come to think of it, it does help to make a person feel better to pet a soft squishy cat. Petting animals is supposed to lower blood pressure and produce endorphins.
So for just a little while, Comcast had me convinced I could get cable and internet, for 2 hours I thought I could see IU play basketball and watch some normal TV. But of course that person was in "Bombay, India." When I was finally put through to the "local" installer,  I was informed that my address was no where near a cable.  I knew it. Build me up to let me down. There is cable in WILLIAMS for crying out loud. There is no justice. 
We have been lazy all day today. Although I went to town for a bit. I went to the best store. It had a room full of fancy embroidery and sewing machines.  And another room of thread and fabric.  This, mind you, was in Bedford.  I will definitely have to go back. 

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