Monday, January 2, 2012

More resolutions

So I am still putting one thing away everyday. But I totally trashed Annie's apartment because I am in the middle of "making room". Then I found out this morning that she was stranded with a flat tire after I went to bed. I usually don't take the cell phone upstairs because I either left it in the car, my purse, or on the sofa. I don't need to call anyone after I am asleep.  But there are those pesky what ifs. What if I get sick in the night? What if there is an emergency from a family member? What if I've fallen and i can't get up? Someone runs through the fence? Or Annie gets stranded with a flat tire? I hadn't worried about it because she has Onstar but the previous owner had put on locking lug-nuts and didn't leave a key. She got a tow to the dealership but still needed a ride home.  Thanks Stacy, I love you. 
So my 2nd resolution is to make sure I have the phone fully charged and with me at all times. And to finish the mess I started in Annie's room. I did get the new shower head installed.  Lots of lovely pressure.
The cold snow blowing around gave me the shivers but not for long. My body thermostat is broken so it is not long till I need a break and a cold drink.  Annie used my car to get to work today so I went out to  start it up and brush off the snow. ( in my summer nightgown) No I didn't get cold. As soon as I get the floor mopped I will start again in Annie's closet. I am hoping to add a rod in the closet so she can get everything hung up and make some more progress on the Meemster's room. I did put up blue curtains with the Cars characters. I don't know how he will feel about me taking out the old sofa, though.  Remember he doesn't like change. And it will have to be dismantled to be removed. But with room for his toys in one place, I am hoping he won't mind when everything is done. 

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