Friday, February 3, 2012

Launching new venture

So Annie and I have been making wire wrapped crystals and stones.  Very pretty and are showing them at the Venue in Bloomington. We had one art show in Bedford at Thanksgiving but this will really put our work in a busy location to see if there will be a market for what we are making.  It is so much fun and Annie has been studying the properties of each stone or crystal.
The old red Buick may have a new home.  It is hard to give up it always looks clean and rides like a lazy boy. But we need to dough ra me.
I wrote to my state representatives and got an answer.  How about that. An actual person will come out to evaluate the road and fence situation. I think a guard rail might help but at least they are looking the situation over.  At least 3or 4 times a year someone slides off into the fence either from ice or alcohol and we are forever fixing it. Plus there is a real danger for the driver as well. Our goverment dollars at work.

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