Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wandering Indiana

I think I need to take a road trip.  The last one was in the summer and hardly lasted a day.  Sometimes I am very content to hang out at home and play outside on the farm or inside doing my artsy stuff. But I have itchy feet and am ready for a roadtrip. I don't have to go to far to be happy. But I have found out that there are lots of places that are interesting right in my own backyard or county or state. There are still caves and towns and antique shops that are on my list to visit. But I will have to pick one and make a solid plan. Some day....I will just fill up the tank with gas and start driving just to see where I come out.  Maybe Route 66. Or maybe every town called Memphis.  There is even a Memphis, Indiana.
The big trip will be to Misouri with the parents to buy a bull and some heifers at the Circle A ranch.  They let me bid and it is really fun.  As long as we get our signals straight and I stop when I'm supposed to. Mother and I got cofused I thought she wanted me to keep going, but she was trying to get me to stop.  Needless to say the Amos the bull came home with us. :-)
It's easy to get carried away with auctioneer in his cowboy hat and vest standing at my feet looking at me hopefully. And then the loud "YUP"! When I twitch my chin. What a rush!

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