Monday, July 15, 2013

A month of Sundays

Remember that saying, "I haven't seen you for a month of Sundays". As a child I had no idea what that meant. Then the light bulb went on, "Oh, now I get it." Well, I had an idea to visit churches and call it a Month of Sundays, recording a bit about the day and visit a different church each time.
Church number 1 is Woodville Baptist Church.
Woodville is a small church just north of Mitchell, IN on the, you guessed it, Woodville Rd. I don't know if it goes to a place called Woodville or if people used to go get wood on that road somewhere. Maybe someone out there can fill us in on that.
The people were kind and welcoming even though we were strangers to most of them. Dress was very casual and so it was a comfortable atmosphere, not formal, low key, and modest and full of love.
After a number of music selections, that were flashed on to screens and accompanied by a rousing piano, drums, and guitars we were prepared to receive. My niece's brother-in-law Mike Lawson brought the message. Mike had been in a serious accident 5 years ago was not expected to live, but through prayer, hard work and family and friends supporting him he has recovered but is physically impaired. His message from Psalm 31:8 gave us all hope and inspiration. "Thou hast placed my feet in a large room." He was encouraged by "yes" and "tell it", and "thank you, Jesus!". At the end we held hands and prayed and were strengthened by joining in agreement.

I was accompanied by my niece Tina, her husband Dan and sweet daughters, Dani and Mary.

 Tina and Mary
Dani, Dan and Dan's sister.  Notice the Indiana Limestone facade. You will see that a lot in Indiana.

Stay tuned for more Sundays.

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