Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I forgot to take pictures of my crochet beachwear but it will be featured with the Jealousy Jane Couture  Swimsuit line this spring! I am super excited. She was pleased with what I have done so far.
Spring means new calves and fat mommas grazing in beautiful green pastures. Lazy days for them lots of hard work for my dad!
 Grazin' in the grass.....
 Excuse me, my driveway.
 White Galloway calf
Missouri Heifer

I was also lucky enough to catch this owl, sitting on the fence post in my yard. I took the photo through the windshield so I wouldn't scare him.

We are also getting lots and lots of eggs. Memphis is a good farmer. He can outwork Annie and me put together. I will update our latest project soon.

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  1. oh they are so lovely such lush greenery too

    Hi there Amy

    Its great to connect with you again and I did this because you are on my list of blog followers all 154 of them !!! (hee hee)

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