Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I can't believe it is time for school already. Our college students are back on campus and the traffic is crazy and we have lots of students all over the sidewalks. Unfortunatly, I am unable to sign up for a fall class, but am hoping to do some workshops.
 I will also be teaching some classes this fall. The first 1 will be "from scratch quilting" or I could call it sustainable. That is the new buzz word.
The old saying Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without, is appropriate for the class. I plan to have students use old clothes that are no longer wearable for piecing just like the old original quilts which were made from scraps or clothes to worn out to wear any longer. We will be using simple tools. No fancy rotary cutters or mats. Just the basics that would have been available back in the day.
I think it is important to learn how something is done from the beginning and then new techniques and tools can be utilized later.
It's like teaching people where their food comes from. We will not be growing and weaving the cloth but I will talk about that as well.
The venue has not yet been set, but I am working on that. I may also have some classes at my home if we get the studio ready soon.

Grandson update:
1st day of Kindergarten was something else.
Notice the Spiderman tie as he hams it up for the camera.
Daughter update:
Hanging out with the chickies. We are finally getting some eggs allthough they are quite small because most of the hens are bantys. But it's great fun and Memphis likes to cook them himself.
We are really dedicated to getting the studio ready for photography and other art projects for fall. The opressive heat just really kept us from moving forward this summer. But Memphis and I found a door, now we just need to get it installed.
Things are moving forward!

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